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To have 100% sure stable work of Swiftec you have to use supported OSes. Please verify actual information for actual version on Swiftec product page.

To optimize our level of support and provide best quality is possible service to our customers all of tickets are divided by categories. There is basic rules why ticket will be closed: 1. If you have any DTC and do not put it's description or scan log to ticket! 2. If you create ticket in wrong category, for example to DTC Removal Module, but DTCs are related to another Swiftec modules(DPF, EGR, etc). 3. If no original and modified files attached. "

Unfortunately no, as credits can be only used in restricted areas where access is limited by subscription. Credits will not get lost. However, as soon your subscription is active, you have the possibility to use them.

To be able to download last version of the software, you should have subscription active. We also do not maintain old versions of the software. If you plan to work without active subscription, please remember to backup your Swiftec copy to not lose it, in case of a PC crash happens, for example.

We provide 3 types of map packs: 1. Normal Map Pack - with basic map packs enough to make general tuning 2. Special Map Pack - with extended maps by wishes of customer 3. Super Map Pack - similar to A2L with huge amount of maps All map packs are made inside of our knowledge and limitations.

To avoid possible incompatibility issues is always recommended to not use checksum from Swiftec if flasher claims it does support it.

Package will be sent from Portugal - member of European Union, this means that for receiver in European Union no customs duties should be applied. In case package delivered to outside of European Union it can be subject for extra customs, VAT and other duties. That fees are Customer's solely responsible. Please consult with your country customs regulations / broker to know right information.

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