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Swiftec is a powerful editing software capable of work with any modern ECU data.

Swiftec unique system of .map files allow users to download map pack from our server and "see" most important maps contained inside a ECU.

Swiftec provides help from 8h30-18h. This means we can analyze your file and guide you in tuning process.

Swiftec support provided via Ticket system.

Swiftec support team can immediately create corresponding map file and upload to server making it possible to be used with your new file.

Amount of modules depends of PACK you buy, please contact our sales department to receive actual information about it.

Apart from the annual fee that allows users to have technical support, map files, software upgrades nothing else will be charged.

Swiftec does not stop. Ever. By including newer modules, more upgrades are needed. DPF off upgrades, OBD Reading protection or Map Manager features. Newer automatic map naming supported ECUs are constantly being added. Automatic map finding is a constant battle and does not let us stop.

Following License Agreement you can only install Swiftec on one PC. If you need to install it on another PC, you need request our authorization first. Swiftec can be only used directly on PC where the dongle is connected at the moment. Installing Swiftec on PC/Server and use it via any type remote tools (even local) is PROHIBITED and may cause revoking of License with no refund!

Simply explain what You would like to have on Swiftec and we can create it for You. Actually many of the actual features were suggested by costumers.

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