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2022-05-15 - Happy Family Week
Discounts in all Swiftec Packs read more
2022-04-13 - Swiftec
Easter brought an Eggcellent update! read more
2022-02-17 - Swiftec
New Release, New Solutions! read more
2021-12-21 - Swiftec
Full Electric and Hybrid READY! BMS/BPCM Recovery Module! read more
2021-11-09 - Swiftec
New update, new module, new solutions! read more
2021-09-09 - Swiftec
Lots of new and updated solutions! read more
2021-07-14 - Swiftec
Ultimate Upgrade! read more
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swiftec Version History

Automatical updates checker implemented
Now user's maps highlighted in 2D mode
User's maps now getting sorting by starting letters
Search of similar maps is automated from now
'Close project' button in 'Project' menu has been added
Swap Axis algorithm has been improved
Maps loaded before closing when create/open project
'Copy to Similar' supports now any maps in Swiftec
Default format modified filename when saving has been changed
Checksum VAG ME7 v02 v1.4
Checksum Delphi CR v1.4
Checksum Bosch PSA hdi v1.3
Checksum Bosch BMW TDS v1.3
Checksum Siemens SID Renault v1.3
Problem with crashing Swiftec when using 'X Zoom' and scroll data in 2D mode has beed fixed
Changed map after 'Paste' getting bold in list
Opening mod files from DB sometimes get crash Swiftec, now is fixed
Hotkeys problem got fixed in 2D/HEX mode after back from MAP mode
Cursor field get changing after use 'Next map'
Switching from 2D to MAP mode with getting wrong selection when opens other map has been fixed
Memory leaks are fixed
Fixed limiter's bug on old maps
A lot of bugs with MAPManager got fixed
Minor bugs are fixed


Windows Vista supported now!
*HOT* Fullfunctional MAPManager done! Use it to make own powerfull maps packs!
New checksum 'Delphi DCM'!
New checksum 'Siemens SIM4KLE'!
New checksum 'Marelli 6LP'!
New checksum 'Bosch PSA M7.4.5'!
New checksum 'Bosch M3.X'!
When open project or mod from DB, automatical loads last used map with this project
Copy/Paste in MAP/HEX mode with standart keys now is supported
Languages loads only for correct version of software
Export/import size values in Format dialog now is in bytes
Now with 16bit mode, when select inpar address its automatical go par address before
Load map algo changed a bit
Checksum 'VAG ME7 v02' improved
Checksum 'Bosch Opel ME 1.5.5' works more stable
Checksum 'VAG ME7 v01' complete recoded and supports now more types
Checksum 'Bosch MS 6.1/6.2' loads faster
Checksum 'Siemens SID Land Rover' loads faster
More Bosch ECU autodetection added
8bit signed values now can be showed
Saving changing to bigger size file bug fixed now
Fixed problems with scrolling and editing of big maps
Projects with impar file lenght now works correct
Split 16bit files now saving with correct extentions
Fixed 2d mode problem when size of windows above 1024x768
Fixed global bug with checksums like 'Audi ME7 2002'
Minor bugs fixed


Swiftec got new and fresh interface design!
Import Bdm2Go files available now by external plugin! (Thanks kr0nsch!)
Autosearch now inside Swiftec, not as plugin!
Autosearch works now depend of selected ECU in Project props
Now Map Axis's and 2D-mode changed values got colored notification
The 'Filter/Search' function has been added to Project DB
Multiple erasing projects/files can be done now
New checksum module 'Delphi Citroen'
New checksum module 'Delphi SsangYong'
New checksum module 'Bosch Renault ME7'
New checksum module 'Fiat Iaw 4SF'
New checksum module 'Bosch Alfa JTS E4'
New checksum module 'Siemens Daewoo/Chevrolet'
Saving sorting organization in Projects DB
Improved recognition Temic maps
Improved recognition Delphi maps
Improved 'Bosch PSA hdi' checksum
Improved 'Siemens SID Land Rover' checksum
Improved 'Siemens SID Renault' checksum
Improved 'Opel Bosch ME7.6.2' checksum
Improved 'Bosch MS 6.1/6.2' checksum
'Delphi CR' checksum now works faster
'Bosch VAG ME7 F400/F800' checksum now works faster
Fixed bug when import files with long names
Fixed crashing when browsing map to map
Fixed bug with export '16 bit in 2 files' from DB
Fixed resizing file bug
Fixed small bugs


Now customers database is available
New way open originals using
Size files when loading can be changed
Button unpack map file available anywhere(2D/HEX/MAP mode)
Context menu 2D-mode: 'Next map' button added, now its easy to follow map to map
Replace function added in 2D-mode, it can be invoked via Search dialog by same rules
Autosave option
Checksum 'Bosch VAG MED9' loads faster
Fixed 'Out of memory' crash bug
Fixed Intel Hex2Bin convertor bug
Checksum 'Delphi Ford TDCi' bugfix


Autosearch v1.2 release with Delphi and Temic support.
Checksum Simtec 90/70
Checksum Opel Bosch ME7.6.2
Checksum Mercedes Axor Euro5
Checksums 'Siemens Rover' v1.1 released: now it supports files with 64kb size.
Now Help menu its available in any window so costumers can easy click and access our database
It is now possible to increase the X zoom percentage view , only have to double click and choose the number of bytes seen per page.
Drag&Drop technology, drag a file to SwifTec main window and now it will be recognized as original eprom Drag another file over the the one before and this file will be recognized as modified file.
SwifTec have now available a more detailed and user friendly search function for costumers, now you can search Dec/Hex/Text, choose were to look ( ori / mod file) start in the desired offset and many more features
Swiftec now supports up to 32MB files so it is possible to use files from Opel diagnostic tool and calculate there checksum
Its now possible to browse auto searched maps without have a map loaded.
Disabled parity file length checking.
Fixed bug with checksum 'Bosch VAG ME7 v02', now it works correct.
Fixed bug with show RPM Limiter.
Small bugs fixed.

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