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2022-11-22 - Swiftec Software
The BLACK FRIDAY Release read more
2022-09-15 - Swiftec
End of Summer Release! read more
2022-06-30 - Swiftec
Race of Portugal Release! read more
2022-04-13 - Swiftec
Easter brought an Eggcellent update! read more
2022-02-17 - Swiftec
New Release, New Solutions! read more
2021-12-21 - Swiftec
Full Electric and Hybrid READY! BMS/BPCM Recovery Module! read more
2021-11-09 - Swiftec
New update, new module, new solutions! read more
Miguel (Mbpower):
"When I was about to buy Swiftec I had some doubts but since day one don't stop surprising me! More and more features constantly added, incredible support. Congratulations Swiftec!"
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swiftec Version History

Text Editor module has been added
OBD reading protection: VAG EDC15 read/write support has been added
OBD reading protection: BWM EDC17, Ford ME9 support has been added
Automatical maps detection: Delphi Truck maps supported
ECU Detection: Bosch, Siemens, Delphi automatical detection improved
Project DB: filter works for ECU type and part number
MAP Manager: 32-bit datatypes automatical filling
Checksum 'Bosch VAG MED9': automatical recognition improved
Checksum 'Delphi Ford TDCi' v1.2: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch VW 115cv' v1.2: not all blocks were calculated
2D view: 32-bit Floating point highlighted maps can be opened now
2D view: go next map was skipping some maps
Maps: 32-bit Floating point maps crashing


OBD reading protection: VAG's ME7, MED9.x, EDC16, EDC17 support has been added
OBD reading protection: BWM EDC17 and Ford ME9 *BETA* support has been added
Checksum 'Siemens Rover': automatic recognition
Checksum 'Lucas FH12': automatic recognition
ECU Detection: EDC16 and EDC17 automatical detection improved
2D mode: Mark3 and Mark4 can be disabled using same hotkeys
Project DB: resize of window works correctly with small main window
Project DB: optimized loading speed and filtering for big DB
Project DB: updated brands, models, engines lists
Project DB: currently opened project can not be deleted
Project DB: filter works for checksum number also
Checksum 'Lucas FH12' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16+' v1.3: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch Smart E4' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Siemens Rover' v1.2: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch VAG ME7 v01' v1.5: wrong file type detection
Saving to DB: crashing with long mod name
Replace function: now makes changes only in modified file
Updates message: information about updates working again
MAP: crashing when load old version map without step axis values
Project DB:wrong detected ECU type fixed


3D mode: New 3D module Ready!
OBD reading protection: New *BETA* module!
OBD reading protection: VAG MED9 support has been added
2D/HEX/MAP mode: 32-bit Floating point Motorola/IEEE datatype
Automatical maps detection: 32 bits floating point maps supported
Automatical maps detection: Unique in World!! Motorola MEMS NNN (LAND ROVERS,MG,ETC..)
ECU Detection: Visteon ECU automatical recognition
ECU Detection: Motorola MEMS NNN ECU automatical recognition
ECU Detection: VAG Bosch part number detection has beed added
2D mode: Axis get highlighted also
MapManager: step setting for axis
Project DB: Similar projects detection works for modified files in DB also
Project DB: ECU part number can be edited in project properties
Project DB: ECU type can be selected in project properties
Checksum 'Siemens Merc MS42': automatical recognition
Checksum 'Opel Simtec56': automatical recognition
Checksum 'Siemens SIM4KLE': automatical recognition
Checksum 'Bosch VAG MED9': automatical recognition
Windows 7 fully compatible
A2L import: support of empty map names
DAM import: support of *nix format files
IntelHex import: support of *nix format files
Project DB: User input control with filter values
Checksum 'Bosch Edc Plcc' v1.2: supports files with 31Kb size
Checksum 'Bosch TDI 2002' v1.1: optimized
Crash when saving modified with wrong path last saved mod


Export original from DB gets saved with Swiftec's filename format
New toolbar buttons 'Filter maps', 'Project properties' has been added
2D view: maps can be filtered by invoke 'Ctrl-F'
A2L import: support one more byte-order type
Copy to similar maps: changed modification algorithm
Maps listing: remember resized size
Project DB: remember resized size
Project DB: modify DB remember selected position
HEX view: remember grid size when minimized
2D view: Zero values now shows as line also
2D X-zoom: changed algorithm min-max value calculation
2D search, difference: shows found values at middle of screen
Checksum 'Opel Simtec56' v1.1: new file type support
Checksum 'Bosch VAG MED9' v1.3: RSA calculation algo optimized
Checksum 'Volvo V70 F400/F800' v1.1: optimized block detection algo
Checksum 'Bosch EDC15 29F400' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Siemens HDI' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch EDC15 F400/F800 v2' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch EDC16' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Opel Bosch ME7.6.2' v1.2: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch VW 115cv' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch BMW MS42' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch Nissan TDDI' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Volvo FH12 DIL' v1.2: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch Merc 1meg' v1.2: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch Alfa CR' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Bosch BMW CR' v1.2: optimized
Checksum 'Siemens SID Ford/Peugeot/Volvo' v1.2: optimized
Checksum 'Siemens SID Land Rover' v1.3: optimized
Checksum 'Siemens Bmw MS45' v1.1: optimized
Checksum 'Mercedes Actros F200' v2.0: Crash on some type of files
Map filter: autosearch maps was not filtered
Map view: drag'n'drop modified works ok now
Map manager: correctly shows big map names
Crashing with selection some autosearch maps


MAP list can be filtered by menu or invoke by "Ctrl+F"
Checksum Bosch VAG ME7.1.1 v1.0
Checksum Bosch ME7.5.20/30 v1.0
Improved 'Go MAP' from 2D
'Next map' context menu now works without damos or standart maps loaded
Edit dialog new value field can be used much more chars
Sometimes crash with edit/delete user defined maps
History of used float values for modifyng gets correct remember now
Reciprocal maps with converted formula values modifying works correct now
Tooltips shows correct converted formula values with reciprocal maps
Change by percentage with minus values works correct now

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