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2022-11-30 - Service Limitation
Restoration of Independence and Celebration of the Immaculate Conception Day! read more
2022-11-22 - Swiftec
The BLACK FRIDAY Release read more
2022-09-15 - Swiftec
End of Summer Release! read more
2022-06-30 - Swiftec
Race of Portugal Release! read more
2022-04-13 - Swiftec
Easter brought an Eggcellent update! read more
2022-02-17 - Swiftec
New Release, New Solutions! read more
2021-12-21 - Swiftec
Full Electric and Hybrid READY! BMS/BPCM Recovery Module! read more
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
11. How much time will it take to receive support or map file?
Answer on your request depends of different conditions, as support priority and queue inside same level of priorities. FULL PACK customers have highest priority and answer can take up to 4 working hours, STANDARD PACK customers have middle level of priority and it can take up to 8 working hours, BASIC PACK customers have lowest level of priority and can take up to 12 working hours to be answered.
Product: Swiftec
12. How many map packs i can request per day?
Normally 5 map packs can be requested each customer per day. We do this to ensure all costumers get a fast service for their main requests.
Product: Swiftec
13. If I lost my dongle what happens?
If you loose the dongle a new license must be bought.
Product: Swiftec
14. Why my license can be canceled?
Swiftec License will be immediately canceled, with no possibility of restoring or refunding in case of violation of License Agreement. For example any cracking, sharing or cloning attempts are detected.
Product: Swiftec
15. What's warranty for dongle?
Dongle are covered for one year warranty over manufacturing defects.
Product: Swiftec
16. What's annual fee?
Annual fee is mandatory to be entitled to get software updates, without annual fee no updates will be added. Annual fee is annual and starts counting from the day of Swiftec's purchase ( ex: Swiftec bought in 23 February 2010, 2011 annual fee payed at August 2011 will only allow upgrade till February 2012).
Product: Swiftec
17. I'm tring to open a map file but I get information checksum is not available. Why is this?
Some of maps require checksum availability to get open it. This stands mostly for ECU up to EDC16/ME7.
Product: Swiftec
18. My file is not yet supported by automatic maps recognition module what shell I do?
Send file by ticket in specific module category with all relevant information such as car brand, car model, engine, ecu brand, ecu model and way it was readed.
Product: Swiftec
19. I would like to sell my copy of Swiftec to some person, what have I do?
First of all, you have to get approval from us to sell Swiftec to this person. After that you can send all necessary software/hardware parts to him with which he have to finish transfer of license.
Product: Swiftec
20. I bought copy of used Swiftec, how can I transfer license to me?
You have to send dongle to us so we update it license details in it and in our customer's database, also you have to pay transfer license fee(include shipping cost of dongle).
Product: Swiftec
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